We are exclusive importers of GEMA Switzerland in Portugal, world leader of electrostatic powder coating equipment. We operate in the industrial field of metallic surface treatment facilities.

We design and manufacture complete plants of surface treatment, having as partners the leading companies in the industry.

We supply the most technologically advanced equipment, due to our company represented (Gema Switzerland), and due to the capability and technical knowledge that our human resources adds.
We are located in Maia and operate all over the country, supplying all the spare equipment, support and technical advice, to the client that uses or wants to use our industrial solutions.

Based on a strong commercial expansion policy, IGTEC also provides services in diverse international markets, having already in its portfolio many customers leaders in their business sectors, in several countries.

Our solutions fit in the following segments:

  • Electronical industry
  • Robotics
  • General maintenance and after sales service
  • Automation
  • Metallic and non-metallic surface treatment
  • Automobile industry
  • Motorcycle industry
  • Job coating
  • Architecture and aluminum extrusion
  • Furniture and metallic cabinets in general
  • Home appliances
  • Coaters in general
  • Environment

We have distribution channels, around the country, thus facilitating contact with our customers.



Vision and Mission

IGTEC, Ltd., since its inception, is governed by:

  • Making industrial processes into a competitive advantage.
  • Growing up, investigate and renew our products to ensure added value for the customer.
  • Having a good relationship with suppliers in the business partners point of view which ensure the security principle, confidence, accuracy, fairness and quality.
  • Strive an Excellence strategy in Customer Service.


The performance of IGTEC is governed by a set of principles considered crucial, namely:

  • Centralized client strategy
  • High standards of quality and excellence
  • Efficient management of human resources
  • Creating sustainable competitive advantages
  • Constant innovation either in products, equipment and solutions
  • Maximum production capacity through environmentally friendly technologies

Management System Policy

The IGTEC management policy it's assumed as a guiding principle that transcends the entire organization, which aims to increase customer value and promote service excellence.

The implementation of the policy is guided by:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty by meeting its requirements, as well as regulatory, statutory, normative and other requirements that the organization subscribes to.
  • Seek the sustainability of the business by providing a global service that begins with the presentation of customized technical solutions and is extended through after-sales service, based on the diversity of market segments.
  • To promote high standards of quality in both of products and services, and of technical solutions made available through the constant search and development of innovation.
  • Meet the needs and expectations of relevant interested parts by promoting good partnership relationships.
  • Empowerment and develop the skills and competences of our employees, valuing their ideas and initiatives as well as the accountability for their operational performance.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the management system.

The implementation of this policy is a responsibility of the IGTEC team, which is committed to achieving the objectives and goals of the organization, fostering continuous improvement of the services provided, in response to the needs of the interested parts.

Certificate Standard ISO 9001:2015