Powder centers and hoppers

OptiCenter All-in-One

Your solution for efficient and space-saving powder management is OptiCenter All-in-One. The system is equipped with the latest generation of OptiStar All-in-One gun controls and guarantees the fastest powder output response times for reliable coating quality. The fully automated application and cleaning process ensures efficient color changes with simple and intuitive operator guidance.

OptiCenter OC07

The OptiCenter OC07 powder management center combines
state-of-the-art OptiSpray application pump technology with
automatic fresh powder feed for fast and clean color
changes. The system is the basis for constant and reproducible coating results and significant powder savings.

OptiCenter® OC08

With the OptiCenter OC08 powder management center and the integrated OptiFlow injector technology, you benefit from fast colour changes, stable coating results and clean working conditions with easy maintenance and servicing. The system is simple and intuitive to use.


Powder Hoppers are available in different sizes, from 50 liters up to 200 liters and can easily accomodate up to 32 guns.

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